Microsoft Solves The Security Bug "#PrintNightmare" | Twitter Relies On Its Users

Microsoft solves the security bug "#PrintNightmare" through an urgent patch

Microsoft has released an emergency patch to address the critical security bug in the "Windows Print Tray" service that hackers are actively exploiting. A few days ago, the tech giant published a security advisory to notify users about the flaw called PrintNightmare, although it did not mention hackers currently using it to infiltrate victims' computers.

Attackers who exploit the vulnerability can remotely execute code with system-level privileges , giving them the ability to install programs on victims' computers, delete or change data, and create new accounts with full user rights. The vulnerability affects all versions of Windows , and the company recommended that users disable the spooler to disable local and remote printing to prevent hackers from entering and making you look bad.

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Now, after investigating the vulnerability, Microsoft has issued patches for various versions of Windows Server, Windows 10, Windows 8, and even Windows 7 platforms (security updates for this operating system ended in January 2020). The vulnerability has been classified as "Critical" , which means that its "exploitation could allow the execution of code without user interaction". Microsoft asks users to install updates immediately or to take steps to protect their systems if they cannot.

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Twitter relies on its users to launch new privacy measures

Twitter has shared concepts for four features that could give users more control over who can see, read, and find their accounts, and it wants public feedback on what it displayed. The first of those features would make it easier for people with protected accounts to make their tweets publicly visible in cases where they want to reply to non-followers . "If you have a protected account and you reply to someone who doesn't follow you, you may not know that they can't see your reply," explained one of the Twitter developers.

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Another potential feature would help those who have multiple accounts. An early concept Emara shared shows an interface element that would allow you to switch to a different account directly from the main Twitter window. In addition, the new interface would allow you to see, at a glance, the name, identifier and privacy status of your accounts, all in one place.

The other two concepts Emara shared focus more on privacy. One such detail is a feature that would periodically contact users to see if they are happy with their current detection and conversation settings and make it easy to modify them as needed without visiting the application's settings menu. 

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Lastly, the second would create a system to notify you when people search for your username and give you more control over whether your account is discoverable that way. That is something that could be important in limiting online harassment.

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