Would You Wear A Sensor-Laden Facebook Watch? Zuckerberg Is Making One

Facebook plans to launch a smart watch capable of recording video and sharing it immediately on its different social networks. The watch will be sold in three colors at first, but the plan is to expand the range with shades and customization options in future versions.

But ... what has Facebook been missing in the world of smart watches? A lot of. The company has a problem in the mobile age: it does not control either of the two platforms on which everything is built (Android and iOS), and both Google and Apple are taking steps in terms of privacy that stifle their business model.

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At this point, Facebook has it very difficult to compete directly with them with its own smartphone. He tried it several times in the past, without success. But he does believe that he may have better luck betting on complementary wearable electronics devices with which, theoretically, he could get the same or more data that Apple and, to a lesser extent, Google now denies him.

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The watch will not be your only bet. Facebook is also working on augmented reality glasses and home products for the same purpose. At the moment the company has scored a small success with the Oculus Quest virtual reality glasses, but the amount of data it can get from the users of these glasses is very limited and its potential audience is a minority. The details about this project, to which the publications The Verge and The Information have had access , are still scarce but point to a smartwatch that has little to do with the Apple Watch or the options of Samsung and Google.

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To begin with, the Facebook clock would have two cameras, one front and one rear, like mobile phones. The case could be detached from the strap to use the device as a photo and video camera.

Clips or images taken with the watch could be quickly shared on Facebook's social networks (Facebook itself, Instagram and WhatsApp) because the watch will have its own LTE or 5G connection. Facebook would already be talking with the different telephone operators to give it support.

Although it is a somewhat independent device, Facebook will design an app for both iOS and Android that will accompany the device.

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What it would have in common with the Apple Watch and other alternatives is that despite the integrated cameras, the Facebook clock would be focused mainly on fitness and health, with applications to measure physical activity in detail.

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Facebook would launch the first version of the watch in summer 2022, at an approximate price of 400 dollars, about 330 euros at the current exchange rate.

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