Tianwen-1 || China's Rover On Mars & Human Possibilities To Travel Through Time Hole?

The Tianwen-1 space mission landed on May 15 at Utopia Planitia, in the Martian northern hemisphere, and has taken its first photos of the vast territory.

Mission Chinese Tianwen-1 on Mars and begins to glimpse the first images of the planet. In fact, photos were taken by the Zhurong rover, which landed on Saturday May 15 at Utopia Plantia, the largest known impact basin with an estimated diameter of 3,300 kilometers that is located in the Martian northern hemisphere.

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And he details that said panorama shows the landing ground and, in the distance, the Martian horizon is glimpsed. In addition, the rocks that appear in the image are of a size that meets expectations (there are smooth edges, others with lighter colors, there are also some that are semi-buried ) so the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) boasts of the smooth operation of its autonomous obstacle avoidance technology.

Zhurong's selfie goes viral

There are also some sand dunes so you can see through the snapshots. Even the portrait of Utopia Plantia has been made possible thanks to a camera located on Zhurong's mast that is capable of taking 360- degree photographs.

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This mission is the first Chinese exploration probe to be sent to the 'Red Planet' and the first in history to combine travel, entry into orbit and descent into a single mission. According to the CNSA, "the engineering mission went smoothly as planned" and its purpose is to find evidence of the existence of water or ice on that planet.

Are there human possibilities to travel through time?

he magazine 'Scientific American' has highlighted in its numerous studies that the results obtained so far show significant progress towards the possibility of making a wormhole passable on a human scale . In fact, he explains, scientists have discovered that you could instantly cross the galaxy and even travel through time.

What is a time hole?

But what is a wormhole? It would be a supposed characteristic of space-time, according to which there would be a kind of secret passageway to travel enormous distances in space and even travel through time in an instant.

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And it is called in such a way when compared to the path that a worm travels inside an apple in which it can go from one extreme to another inside, avoiding a longer journey through the surface.

Brianna Grado-White, a physicist and wormhole researcher at Brandeis University, Massachusetts, explains: "We're learning that we can actually build wormholes that stay open using simple quantum effects. For a long time, we can't. We thought these things were possible to build, but it turns out that we can."

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Physicists Juan Maldacena and Alexey Milekhin, from Princeton University, have shown in an article published in ArXiv that quantum mechanics allows the existence of stable and passable wormholes for humans. But at the moment, it has been considered impossible to make something pass through a wormhole although a pathway through an additional physical dimension was alluded to.

The holes would be microscopic for now

In fact, they say that these magnetic wormholes would be microscopic and would only span very short distances. But they enter standard size models in which those wormholes with negative energy would allow an astronaut to travel 10,000 light years (one tenth of the diameter of the Milky Way) in just one second without any fuel, since gravity speeds up and slows down the spacecraft, the researchers say.

But such a theoretical development does not mean that travel through wormholes is at hand.

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