Windows 11 Leaks

At the end of this month Microsoft will present a new version of the Windows operating system, Windows 11. Rumors have been pointing for weeks to a major change in the design of the operating system, which has remained fairly homogeneous over the last 6 years.

Now, a leak of the first development version -which has begun to circulate on the Chinese social network Baidu- confirms it.

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Windows 11 will debut a new visual appearance that is somewhat reminiscent of the rival operating system, macOS, with rounded corner windows and a new Start menu centered at the bottom of the screen.

This new visual language is also clearly inspired by Windows 10X, a version of Windows that Microsoft was going to put on the market to support dual touchscreen devices, such as the Surface Neo.

The company, however, canceled this version a few weeks ago, without giving much explanation. It is likely that Windows 11 will now become an operating system capable of running on devices with rare formats, such as flexible tablets or two displays, thus filling the role of Windows 10X.

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If this leaked version is any guide, in any case, Windows 11 users will find a somewhat simplified operating system. In the Start menu, for example, the Live Tiles, active boxes that could dynamically display information, have disappeared.

Microsoft, instead, will include better support for widgets, small applications that run continuously on the desktop and allow you to view real-time information on news, weather, stock prices or sports scores.

The search function will have a separate window, instead of depending on a search field integrated in the taskbar and the company has also announced that there will be important changes in the Windows application store, although in this first version, for now, things remain the same. Microsoft is expected to open the store to third-party distributors and allow Windows to sell applications that were previously banned and had to be downloaded independently.

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Microsoft has become one of Epic's allies in the crusade against Apple for the conditions it imposes on the AppStore, and recently announced less restrictive policies and lower commissions in its own stores.

Xbox will also be more present in the new operating system, with an integrated application that will give access to the Game Pass game subscription service and allow those who have an Xbox console at home to play remotely. Until now, Microsoft relied on several applications that had to be downloaded additionally to provide this functionality.

It is still unknown what the update process will be, the minimum system requirements or if Windows will charge for this new version of the operating system. The leaked version that is circulating on the network seems to work on the same devices that currently have Windows 10.

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Microsoft, in any case, has already put an expiration date on the current version of the operating system. On October 14, 2025, just 10 years after the launch of the first version, the company will stop supporting Windows 10.

Windows 11: many new features are discovered in the operating system

The new version of the Windows operating system is presenting its new features. One of the most striking is, without a doubt, its start menu. This time, it appears as a floating central window, away from the application bar that was displayed on the left of the screen until now. In any case, users can change it if they want.

Another new feature in Windows 11 is its dark mode. This, in addition to supplying an aesthetic change, also makes it possible to alleviate the sight of people who spend many hours in front of the screen. Black and blue are the predominant colors in this theme, which gives the operating system a much more modern image.

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The wallpapers also change. On this occasion, the usual landscapes give way to abstract forms. In addition, depending on whether the chosen theme is dark or light, this wallpaper image will change slightly, adapting to the profile chosen by the user.

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The new Windows, in any case, is still in preparation, so Microsoft could surprise us with more interesting news. In fact, the company has maintained that on June 24.

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