E3 2021: All The News And Video Games That Will Soon Arrive On PS, Xbox And PC

E3 2021 has arrived after a year of hiatus with a large battery of great releases for PlayStation 5, computer and Xbox. Here we tell you all the video games that you will soon be able to enjoy

2020 was a hiatus in many sectors and for the first time, E3 was canceled. Although each publisher held an online event, some within the Summer Game Fest. However, we are in 2021 and despite the fact that it has not been possible to travel to Los Angeles, USA, the most important video game event of the year kicked off, yes, telematic.


Unofficially, Summer Game Fest has opened this E3 2021 online . The almost two-hour event organized by Geoff Keighley was quite long, although it came loaded with news and many "World Premier".

'Tina Chiquitina Raids the Dragon Dungeon' was one of the most successful Bordelands 2 expansions. A DLC that transported the protagonists of the game to an epic fantasy world imagined in a very particular game of Dungeons and Dragons. By early 2022, Gearbox announced that Tina will have her own action adventure game ' Tina's Wonderlands '.

Retro is in fashion , there are many nostalgic people who, while fighting a race for the perfect triple A, decide to remember better times when the only known subscription services to play video games were twenty-dollar coins. Metal Slug Tactics brings SNK's 'run and gun' saga to 2021 without changing its essence.

There is no Silent Hill, no matter how much we do it TT in Spain (especially on foggy days). It does not fail, every E3, fans of the horror saga see signs everywhere of the imminent arrival of a new title that continues the story of the most sinister people in the world of video games. Hideo Kojima has announced a new edition of Death Stranding , a Director's cut that will bring Sam Porter to PS5 with more hours of gameplay and new mechanics such as hiding in a box of Valencian oranges. No Kojima game without his Metal Gear nod.

There are two things that are not forgotten when you grow up, your first console and the dinosaurs. The fascination for giant lizards is something that seems to never go out of style and no one better than Ian Malcom himself (played by actor Jeff Goldblum) to announce the second part of the management game of a Jurassic park, Jurassic World Evolution 2 . They do not skimp on expenses.

Lost Ark , the free MMORPG from Amazon Games that will be released in the autumn of this year in Europe and America, takes advantage of its experience in distant lands to apply as an alternative in the West to other games of the same genre that have been adding players for 16 years.

Among Us was the pandemic game of the year and although Twitch has been somewhat forgotten, its developers continue to release new content. After a fourth map and several cosmetic objects such as glasses or plague doctor masks, they announce a new game mode, Hide and Seek, come on, the hideout of a lifetime.

While the wait for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 continues , with a change of developer and retreat included, there are vampires for a while and Vampire: The Masquerade - Blood Hunt attests to that. A battle royal with powers and a lot of action that will not be the only bloodsucking game that will be seen at E3 2021.

Koch Media takes the leap and will publish its own titles under the Prime Matter label. It will debut with Payday 3, Kingdom Come Deliverance for Nintendo Switch, King's Bounty II, Final Form, and a new Painkiller nine years after its last installment. Bets that could be seen a little more in depth during Koch Primetime 2021.

The finishing touch was put by Elden Ring. George RR Martin makes another pause in A Song of Ice and Fire to devise with From Software's Hidetaka Miyazaki a game that finally shines in all its splendor with 'in game' images of battles against titanic bosses that promise to continue the 'suffering' that started the Souls saga. Scabies with pleasure does not itch.


Neither a new Assassin's Creed nor news about Beyond Good & Evil. The Ubisoft conference has presented more content for the games it already has on the market than new titles.

Why is Nintendo's most famous plumber in a Ubisoft presentation? Blame it on Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, a tactical action game for Nintendo Switch that, apart from the traditional Mario characters, Luigi and Princess Peach, will have its rabbid version counterpoints.

Rainbow Six: Extraction will allow you to play cooperatively between 1 and 3 players against aliens in a sixth installment of the saga loaded with new weapons, mechanics (such as recovering missing companions) and crossplay between platforms.

Riders Republic is presented with a Blink-182 video clip aesthetic. If Machine Gun Kelly has managed to bring that aesthetic to 2021, Ubisoft does the same with this multiplayer arcade of extreme sports with up to more than 50 simultaneous players. Snowboarding, free flight, cycling, an MMO reminiscent of The Crew, but without a car.

This won't be the last time Far Cry 6 appears at E3 2021. One of the most anticipated releases presents a Season Pass in which you can control the main villains of the franchise in a custom-made environment. There is less and less left to throw CDs of the song Macarena from Los del Río to the enemies in this new installment of the Far Cry saga.

This first-person action video game, based on the universe created by James Cameron, will arrive in 2022. Led by Massive Entertainment in collaboration with Lightstorm Entertainment and Disney, Avatars: Frontiers of Pandora will be released only for the new generation of consoles with all the creatures that were seen in the movies and some more.


The independent games publisher does not disappoint and begins its hole in E3 with the sarcasm that characterizes them. The first criticism is in the name of the conference, presenting a free subscription service (fictitious) full of payments that would result in no savings for the user. This is the best way to get between the game pass and PSN war of the titans and waver on the right foot.

Some of the titles have been Wizard with a gun, a survival cooperative online sandbox reminiscent of Don't Starve; the strange Inscryption that mixes card games and puzzles in the purest escape room style but with an atmosphere of psychological terror; Shadow Warrior 3 that in this new installment includes the ability of parkour and the most interesting, Trek to Yomi. This title would be Akira Kurosawa's version of the Ghost of Tsushima game, a black and white visual marvel with cinematic shots.


Without a doubt, in this first part of E3 2021, this conference has been the highlight. Highly anticipated especially by staunch Xbox defenders, it has added several long-awaited announcements and an absence of the next Elder Scrolls.

Todd Howard, director of Bethesda Game Studios, began the conference by showing Starfield, yes, with a brief trailer of this new Bethesda IP. It will be exclusive to Microsoft and points to a huge open world to explore.

Next up is another highly anticipated sequel, STALKER 2 Heart of Chernobyl. This new installment of the immersive first-person shooter will once again tour the outskirts of Pripyat, where a second nuclear disaster seems to have taken place in Chernobyl that has left the area plagued by strange and deformed creatures. To make the wait more bearable, you can explore the world created by Soviet writers Boris and Arkady Strugatsky in their 1972 novel, Picnic Extraterrestrial, which served as the basis for the STALKER video game saga.

The harrowing game A Plague Tale Innocence in which two brothers made their way through hundreds of thousands of rats surviving the Black Death in medieval France has presented a sequel, A Plague Tale Requiem, also plagued by rodents.

Another sequel was seen by the conference, The Outer Worlds 2 , the continuation of Obsidian Entertainment's acclaimed role-playing game, which left many wanting more, yes, with a story and mechanics yet to be developed.

Another vampire game, Redfall, by Arkane , a cooperative open world shooter that may be reminiscent of Left 4 Dead but whose details and gameplay have yet to be revealed.

Fallout 76 was not dead, it was just partying and after its last major expansion on the Brotherhood of Steel, in July it will have a continuation and by 2022, as seen in a trailer, players will be able to return to The Pitt, the post ruins. -Apocalyptic of Pittsburgh. A new zone inherited directly from the Fallout 3 DLC.

In addition to these additions, Game Pass increases the list of games that will be included from day one such as Back4Blood, 12 minutes and Atomic Heart among others.


The presentation of the company has been loaded with news, but with some bumps such as an exclusive demo for PS5 that until now continues to give problems to run showing a message warning that the data is damaged.

Still they opened the conference with a new Eidos-Montreal game, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. This third-person adventure will allow you to manage Star-Lord and decide during the battles the abilities of your companions Gamora, Groot, Rocket or Dax. A title in which eighties music will be the protagonist and whose trailer already revealed some surprise companions such as Cosmo the space dog or Mantis.

The next great work from PlatinumGames, Babylon's Fall, has been seen in a trailer in which the playability of this game that takes place in a fantasy universe that is aesthetically reminiscent of the 'Souls' saga has been appreciated.

Another surprise has been Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin , an unexpected announcement that has been overshadowed by the problems that its demo has presented on PS5, with corrupt files that prevent the game from running. This action game developed by Team Ninja is a spin-off of Final Fantasy that in gameplay recalls the Souls saga with clean sword attacks against giants in huge empty castle halls. We will have to wait for the demo or the announcement of new details to appreciate any more details that he does about this title coming out of the next releases.

Remasters are the order of the day and Square Enix has not wanted to be left behind. The most talked about has been that of Life is Strange Remastered Collection, a game that came out just three years ago and that, according to the company, its graphics and animations have been perfected for this remastering, necessary?

For Final Fantasy fans they have presented a somewhat more logical remastering, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, a compilation that will include the first six installments of the saga with improved graphics for PC and mobile phones.

This year, the 90-minute conference showcased nearly 40 games between new releases and others still in development . Among the most striking, the title on which Sega is working. a real-time strategy game called Humankind in which you have to manage a location. Also management, next year Ixion will be launched, a game in which it will be necessary to found colonies beyond planet earth and ensure that everything does not explode into the air.

For its part, They Always Run shows that the metroidvania genre continues to have followers and Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong proves that vampires do not go out of style and in this E3 there are already three titles whose theme is based on these blood drinkers, heirs of Vlad Tepes or Cain, depending on the saga chosen.
Another trend that is here to stay is simulators, in general, of any theme, drive a truck, manage a farm or hospital, be a goat or manage a medieval city like in Lakerburg Legacies , which includes interesting extras such as arranging marriages.

Chernobyl repeats the scenario and will take the player to Chernobyl , where he will have to get raw materials with which to supply his group and survive. While another new title, Stilt, is very reminiscent of Limbo but with the distressing premise of being underwater.

There are still the last two days with Take-Two, Limited Run Games, Capcom, Nintendo and Bandai that will finalize this E3 2021 that is showing how the industry has barely stopped during the pandemic.

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