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Shazam is able to identify one billion songs per month

It is no surprise that Apple wants to expand Shazam into a much more practical platform due to the fact that it is making large numbers. Today it revealed that the music discovery service has surpassed one billion shazams a month and about 50 billion since the app was conceived. Shazam has 200 million monthly users who, being frank, is the only service that accurately offers the recognition of practically any piece of music. Founded in 2002 and based on an SMS service, Shazam debuted on the iPhone in 2008 and arrived on Android soon after. Shortly thereafter, it became a real hit, with Apple buying it in 2018 for $ 400 million. The application was redesigned in 2020 and was strengthened for both Android and iOS. Last November Shazam had the most shazamed song ever with 50 billion views it was a pop song in Mandarin Chinese.

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China launches its first successful manned mission

China has launched its first manned mission in five years, successfully sending three astronauts to its new Tianhe space station, the Chinese news agency reported. Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo will be the first three astronauts to board the station and will spend three months testing systems and taking spacewalks. The three astronauts traveled in a Shenzhou-12 spacecraft atop a Long March 2F rocket, the same one that powered the Chinese rocket that carried a space rover to Mars. The mission was declared a "total success" so the Asian executive is celebrating. The crew will establish quarters in the central module, launched in April 2021. The main objective of the crew is to bring the 24-ton module online. 

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"We need to establish our new home in space and test a number of new technologies," said Commander Nie Haisheng. "Really, the mission is difficult and challenging. I believe that if the three of us work closely together, conducting thorough and precise operations, we can overcome any of our challenges." The mission is the first of 11 planned for Tianhe during the construction phase of the space station. China will send two more modules and several more manned missions in an effort to complete the station before the 2022 deadline . China was excluded from the US-led International Space Station , but has said it can allow foreign participation in its own station. China has accelerated its space program in recent years.

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They discover how a supermassive black hole is born

A study carried out at the University of California at Riverside, United States, has found that the formation of a supermassive black hole in the early stages of the universe is due to the collapse of the dark matter that surrounds the galaxies. From the "death" of the gigantic halo of dark matter, a large black hole would be born, which would increase its mass at an unusual speed and magnitude by feeding on the visible matter existing around it: finally, it would become a black hole supermassive. One of the great mysteries surrounding supermassive black holes is how they could form in the early universe. Considering that they can count on billions of times the mass of our Sun, logic would indicate that they would take a long time to develop and absorb that incredible amount of mass. But the observations and analyzes of scientists indicate the opposite: they show that supermassive black holes already existed when the universe was very young. In this way, a billion of these huge structures have been found when the universe was less than 10% of its current age. How is such an accelerated development possible? According to a press release , the explanation would be related to something that has not yet been found or described, but that would constitute more than 80% of everything that exists: dark matter. According to astrophysicists, a halo of enigmatic dark matter, of which most specialists are convinced of its existence, surrounds galaxies, including the Milky Way. The halo or ring of dark matter functions as a base structure on which the galaxies would be inserted or contained. Specialists believe that if the visible matter of a galaxy were not embedded in this halo of dark matter, it would directly disintegrate. 

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As with everything that makes up the universe, the halo of dark matter would at some point change shape and collapse. Its collapse would lead to the birth of a "baby" black hole , of colossal dimensions from the source from which it originated. Taking into account the conclusions of the new study, recently published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, this black hole would feed voraciously with all the visible matter that it would find around it. In this way, it would increase its mass much more quickly than usual, also doing so by a magnitude that would lead it to become a new supermassive black hole in record time. 

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The most important point of this discovery is that it seriously calls into question all the expectations that scientists had until now regarding the shape and timeframes for the development of a supermassive black hole. The growth rates that can be expected for these gigantic structures appear to have been discredited by this finding, showing that we still know very little about supermassive black holes and their breakthrough into the early universe.

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