iPhone 13 Is Coming

iPhone 13 Is Coming

leak details of the new iPhone 13 Is Coming. It's about the iPhone 13 . For this reason, an audiovisual design has been published that allows us to appreciate what the new Apple device would be like.

Two are the new details that mark the arrival of the new device. There are two main characteristics that would stand out within what is the design.

On the one hand, it would be thinner than those that are known so far. It would be a kind of slimmer model and more comfortable to handle with the hands.

But there is a greater novelty if possible. From the images that are transcending, the new device seems to have no connection port, which means that the charging is possibly wireless. In addition, the TouchID sensor could be hidden under the screen and the space for the notch would be smaller than usual.

There is no precise date of the new launch but taking into account the Apple calendar and how it usually works in these parts, the most logical thing is that the new iPhone 13 can go on sale from next September (without delays due to the pandemic since the last year it was postponed to October).

In terms of price, the values of the iPhone 13 family would be similar to the 12.

The iPhone 13 mini, a reference to follow::

Details are already leaking regarding the appearance of the iPhone 13 mini that will be the basis of the new launch of this product. It is a mockup that shows the design of the phone finished in blue. A priori the design may seem the same, but we see that the camera of this model, which only has two sensors , is different now. But these are like crusaders. Diagonally. That means that progress is being made towards important changes in the camera.

Also, the volume buttons will now be located higher on the side of the phone. For this model a new Apple A15 Bionic processor is expected .

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