WhatsApp || The 5 Great News

The messaging application that, by now, could almost be considered a social network, does not stop growing and adding news. Surpassing 2,000 million users, WhatsApp takes into account the applications that could compete with it, such as Telegram or Signal. For this reason, some of the functions praised by the users of these other messaging applications are gradually appearing in the one that is owned by Facebook.


Currently, the messaging application already has the option to write messages that will disappear after seven days, but this period of time is not configurable. WhatsApp seems to be testing a new function that will allow sending messages that self-destruct every 24 hours , although the date on which this option will be available to all users is not yet known.

Also, this new option will work like the current one, and can be implemented in each chat individually and in group conversations. Although it is also unknown if it will replace or add to the seven-day countdown you currently have.


This function, which already exists and is a success in another of the Silicon Valley giant's products, Instagram, will be accessible as a new icon that will appear when a photo is shared. The sender will see a faded thumbnail of the photo next to the message Touch to see that, if clicked, it will open the image that will only be visible once.

In addition, WhatsApp itself will prevent the sender from taking a screenshot of the photo or sharing it in some way. The image will not be saved on the phone either, in fact, it will only be visible when it is opened, when closing the window, the photo will be inaccessible.


Cybersecurity is increasingly important and for WhatsApp it began to be a priority , for this reason it added end-to-end encryption in messages. However, this level of security does not affect the backups stored in the cloud (in iCloud or Google Drive) of the application.

Aware of this vulnerability, over the next few months, WhatsApp will implement a backup encryption system to protect the history and multimedia files of users stored in its clouds, safeguarded by a password .


WhatsApp will implement one of the most successful functions of Telegram , the possibility of accelerating the playback speed of audio notes. Oriented to those audios of more than five minutes, true podcasts or logbooks, which require attention time that sometimes is not available at the time.


For years, the request that has been repeated the most among users of the messaging network has been to be able to access their account from several devices simultaneously. Until now, only one account can be activated, with one phone number, per device.

From WaBetaInfo they assure that this new function will allow registering the account in up to four different devices, one being the main one and the other temporary. In addition, following the example of the web version of Telegram, WhatsApp Web will not require that the mobile phone have an Internet connection either.

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