Twitter New Feature

Users of the social networking site Twitter have long been demanding an edit button so that any mistakes in the tweet can be corrected without deleting them.

However, I don't know how long the edit button will be available to the users, but the feature of undo sending the message seems to be working.

Twitter user and developer Jane Manchun Wong, who has been monitoring updates on several apps, said in a tweet.

They also shared an animated screenshot that gives an idea of how this feature will work.

The screenshot shows that after sending a message, the in-time option will be shown to the users for a few seconds.

This feature is similar to Gmail's e-mail sending process, but it will have an in-do button in front of users.

According to various rumors, the send-off feature may be part of Twitter's subscription program.

This is not the kind of edit button that users have been asking for for a long time, but people will still have the opportunity to block a tweet immediately.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that Twitter was working on a paid subscriptions program to reduce reliance on advertising revenue.

This subscription program will have various features like options like send and profile customization.

A similar feature, SuperFollow, has recently been introduced by the company.

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