Netflix Tests A System To Prevent Password Sharing

Netflix, along with HBO, is one of the most popular and successful visual content platforms today. Few young people remain who do not have their own Netflix or in that case shared, a practice that is very common to share expenses of the same account. The platform offers several plans, including the basic one $9.55 (7.99 euros) that only allows one active screen, another standard $14.33 (11.99 euros) and Premium $19.11 (15.99 euros) that allows the number of screens to grow up to two and four respectively.

Now the platform wants to take a first step to combat the fact that Netflix users share accounts and passwords with friends and family. This common practice means that several people who have a single basic plan can enjoy content for a lower price. Netflix wants to end this for good. The first step is that when someone other than the owner connects, they get a message telling them to create their own account to continue.

Over the last few years Netflix has been getting more and more fame due to the series and movies that it has released exclusively. 

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