NASA Has Released A Trailer For Its Spacecraft Landing On Mars

You may have recently heard of NASA's state-of-the-art Mars mission Preservation, which was sent to Mars in July this year. What is special about this Martian vehicle is that it will return to Earth with dust and rocks from its surface, where it will be carefully studied by experts in laboratories.

Now, just 55 days later, Presence will land on Mars and its animated trailer has been released on the eve of Christmas. This one-minute trailer shows the spacecraft landing on Mars. This dramatic trailer features preservatives entering the Martian atmosphere with special sound effects, opening parachutes, activating the shield of heat shields and finally landing the robot on the surface of Mars.

This time the Preservation Mission is specifically designed for astronomical research. Its special instruments will try to find any old microorganisms or organelles in the red soil of Mars. It will explore some of the oldest traces of the Martian climate and eventually pave the way for human adventures.

Presence has a two-year mission, but on Mars it will be one year. That is why this mission was awaited by the lovers of science, for which a very good trailer has been released. According to a NASA female expert, the rover is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and its main goal is to consider the possibility of human survival and survival on Mars. But for the first time in Presence, a helicopter has been sent to Mars.

But on the other hand, the European Space Agency and China have also hinted at sending an amazing spacecraft to Mars.

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