3D Masks | The World To Cover Their Faces With Masks

The  Corona virus has forced people around the world to cover their faces with masks, but public interest in selling full-length masks with unfamiliar human faces has grown in Japan.

The three-dimensional masks are the brainchild of Sohaye Okawara and their masks can't stop the corona virus, but they are 3D printer-printed faces of the original inhabitants of Japan that you can use without fear. According to Sohai, some people are not satisfied with their faces and we have seen people change their faces in science fiction movies. Maybe it's a human desire and that's why they decided to make real face masks.

According to Sohai, he has prepared many faces for dramas and theaters, but now he is also making real masks for men and women for ordinary people, which cost $950. But they pay almost half the price of the model they use.

In October this year, he asked people online to contact him if they wanted to make a face mask and allow it to be given to others. In this regard, 100 women and men sent their pictures to them, some of whose faces were selected and their 3D masks were printed.

Most of their customers are people who want to buy a real human mask as a gift. He will now ask people around the world to make face masks.

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