Yes! People Are Still Using 12345 As A Password!

Man's convenience can be seen in the passwords of his most important online accounts. Now the most easily remembered password 12345 is still used around the world.

According to a new study, easily hacked passwords, including 12345, 123456789, password and iloveyou are still being used as passwords.

According to a survey conducted in 2020, there are still 2,543,285 people in the world who use 123,456 as passwords. The survey was conducted by Nord Pass, a password tracking company. According to the company, all these passwords are very simple and can be hacked in seconds. Hackers can get an account.

Cybersecurity experts at Nord Pass say such people are repeatedly asked to change their passwords, but they do not pay attention, and this year, as in 2019, these simple password-enabled accounts are being used around the world. ۔

The Nord Pass company said in its research that the third party in the survey looked at a total of 275,699,516 passwords and found them to be very weak. The ten easiest passwords for this year include picture1 and senha, while in Portuguese the password is called senha. Here is the list of the easiest passwords for the year 2020 according to the company:











If your password is also on this list, it is free to suggest a strong password to change it immediately. When giving a password, do not use dictionary words, name, year of birth, etc., but also use special keys and letters.

Another Nord Pass suggestion is to change your password every three months, including upper and lower case.

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