SnapChat "Spotlight" || Similar To Tik-Tok And Instagram Reels

There is another application now compared to Tik Tok and that is SnapChat.

SnapChat has added a new section, Spotlight, to its app that will show users' short videos.

By the way, this is not the first time that users' videos have been highlighted in SnapChat, but this is definitely the first time that SnapChat has given them a prominent place in the application.

And SnapChat is also making great offers to get users' attention.

The company has announced that it will distribute 10 million a day by the end of this year to the people who will share the most popular videos for this section.

SnapChat Spotlight is somewhat similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels, such as converting videos via autoplay vertical videos, swipe up or down.

An algorithm will determine which videos will appear on the feed but they will also be able to surf on specific topics.

But Spotlight is a bit different, with comments not allowed and the names of most video creators not appearing, except for the video creator's public profile (not most SnapChat users).

Simply put, videos will appear in Spotlight without a name or account.

But the most attractive thing for consumers will be the money provided by the company.

The company did not specify how much would be paid to a customer, but said that payments would be made to such individuals based on unique video views.

This will continue even after the end of the year, this was not made clear by the company.

On a long-term basis, SnapChat will add ads to Spotlight, so it can be assumed that users will be paid in the traditional way through revenue sharing.

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