The New Logo And Design Of Facebook Messenger

Facebook had announced a complete redesign of Messenger in 2018, saying the app would be simplified so that users would not be bothered by the plethora of features.

The announcement was made by the then head of Messenger, David Marcos, who now heads Facebook's blockchain division, while Messenger is being managed by Stan Chodnovsky.

It has been working since then and in March this year the modified app was introduced to the users in which the Discover tab was removed.

Now Facebook has changed the look of Messenger once again and this redesigned version is being introduced in the app.

The design includes brighter logos, new default chat colors, additional chat themes and costume reactions.

Facebook said in a blog post that the new design reflects the future of messaging, which will be more dynamic, fun and a way to connect with the people you love.

A redesigned launch trailer was also released featuring some recent features like Watch Together, Weaving Parties and Dark Mode.

In this video, cross-app chatting with Instagram users has also been spotted and this feature will be available to the public very soon.

The blog said that in addition to this, messenger users will also be able to chat on the Facebook portal, while this feature will soon be available on the Oculus Reality headset, so that they can stay in touch with the people of their choice whenever they want.

Some new features will also be added to Messenger, such as selfie stickers and vanity mode, in which messages will disappear when the user exits the chat window or when they view the message.

Messenger will also introduce third party AR effects support next year.

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