Lost Samsung Phones Can Now Be Found Offline

Samsung is quickly adding a replacement feature to Galaxy smartphones which will allow users to seek out a lost device even when it's offline.

By the way, Samsung's Galaxy phones have a feature called Find My Mobile from 2018 which helps find lost phones.

To use this feature, you would like to check in to a Samsung account, which is typically created before employing a new phone.

By the way, albeit it doesn't happen, there's no problem because it only takes a couple of minutes and your Find My Mobile are often enabled for any Galaxy series.

It is true that this service isn't available from Google within the sort of an app for all Android phones and there's nothing wrong with it, but the service provided by Samsung for his or her phones can provide more support. ۔

However, it's now being improved with an update that's not currently available to all or any users.

The update also will allow you to use your phone to scan for missing Galaxy devices nearby.

This feature is named Offline Finding.

Apple introduced an identical version last year at iOS 13, called Find My, which allows users to look for lost iPhones even once they are offline.

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