A Cargo Drone

Experts have developed a two-rotor petal drone that has proven to be better and more efficient than a multicopter. It has been dubbed the Avidron, which can be called a cargo drone.

Although there are many weight-bearing drones on the market at the moment, the Avidron 210TL is more efficient and improved due to its double wings and has been developed by a new Canadian company, Avidron Aerospace. It looks like a Boeing Chinook helicopter with two rotors mounted on either side that make it capable of lifting weights. However, its speed is also enviable.

There are weighted boxes with avidron and heavy weights can be hung. It can then be controlled from any laptop or tablet. It has G4 autopilot system in which you can choose the flight path of the drone. It then automatically flies to its destination. After losing weight, it returns to its destination through the same path again.

The Avidron 210TL can cover a distance of up to 125 kmph at a speed of 100 kmph by lifting 25 kgs. In terms of efficiency and energy savings, this weight-bearing drone can be the best. The Avidron company is now producing and selling it on a commercial scale.

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