Apple Reveals Developed A Secret iPod For US Government

Although the US government accuses Chinese technology companies of spying and working for the Chinese government, now a former employee of the well-known US company Apple has claimed that Apple had developed a secret iPod for the US government.

The iPod is a digital music player connected to Wi-Fi, which Apple initially launched in 2001 after the iTunes Music Player.

So far, Apple has released 7 versions of the iPod, and now the iPod is more advanced and touch screen than ever before, and is considered one of the company's best products.

David Shire, one of the first few software engineers hired by the company to make the iPod, claims that Apple made the secret iPod for the US government 15 years ago.

David Shire wrote a detailed blog on the platform that publishes content for former and current Apple employees , in which he explained about the secret iPod made for the US government.

The blog quoted the British broadcaster BBC, the former employee said in his report that Apple made the iPod to spy for the US government in 2005.

According to David Shire, in 2005 he was instructed by top company officials to work with two engineers sent by the US Department of Energy.

According to a former Apple engineer, the US government engineers who worked with him wanted the company to develop an iPod for him, in which additional hardware could be installed to perform secret tasks.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

At the same time, he explained that he did not fully understand what the US government wanted to make the secret iPod for, but he did think that they wanted to make the iPod to detect nuclear material.

In this regard, the American broadcaster CNN wrote in its report that according to the former employee of Apple, they believe that the US government wanted to detect the stolen nuclear material through the iPod.

He explained that the music player iPod had hardware features that could detect the surrounding nuclear material.

He claimed that the secret iPod had such features that no one could suspect that someone was spying on it.

He explained that the listener could spy on the iPod while listening to the song.

According to a former Apple employee, the plan was known only to him, including two US department engineers and a senior company official.

Although an Apple employee claimed that the company had made a secret iPod for the US government, he did not say how many such iPod sets the company had made for the US government.

The revelation by a former Apple employee has caused a stir across the United States, with the head of the company's iPod division initially calling the allegations fabricated.

However, neither Apple nor the US government has made that clear.

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