The Google Mate video Conferencing Service is now part of the Gmail Mobile App

Google is making rapid strides in the field of video chatting during the Corona virus epidemic and recently launched its premium video conferencing service for free to Google Mate users.

This conferencing service was previously exclusive to G Suite users and was only available for 6$ per month, but now everyone can use it, just need a Gmail account.

But now Google has made its video conferencing service part of the Gmail app for Android devices to beat the zoom.

According to a report by Nine to Five Google, the process of introducing a new update of Gmail app has started from Tuesday in which Google Mate tab is being added.

The company says that in the next few days, the MetTab will be available to everyone who can use it for video conferencing.

The first introduction of the Mate Tab in iOS started last week and now this update is being introduced for Android phones.

In the web version of Gmail, Matt's shortcut is in the sidebar, while in mobile apps it will appear in the form of a new tab at the bottom of the screen.

Clicking on this tab will show the My Meetings list and the screen will tell you which account you can join and check the video feed before joining.

In fact, the Mate experience in the Gmail app will eliminate the need for an independent Google Mate app.

A large blue New Meeting button in this tab will give the user the option to share a meeting link, start a meeting or schedule in Google Calendar, while there will also be an option to join a code.

With Mate, up to 100 people can be part of a video call at the same time, while features like scheduling, screen sharing and real-time captions are also available.

Video calls will last up to 60 minutes, but Google says the ban will take effect after September 30.

Google has also taken various steps to protect privacy, including host controls, whether or not to add someone to a meeting, mute or remove people from the chat, complex meeting codes and encryption.

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