Ban on live streaming app 'Bigo' in Pakistan, final notice to TikTok

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has shut down Bigo, a live streaming application for pornographic and immoral content, while issuing a "final warning" to video sharing service Tik Tok.

TikTok is a Chinese social networking application that allows users to create video clips, lip sync songs and make short videos.

However, according to the PTA statement, the PTA has received numerous complaints from various sections of society regarding pornographic and immoral content on social media applications, especially Tik Tok and Bigo, and its extremely negative impact on the younger generation.

According to the statement, the PTA issued notices to the above-mentioned social media companies to moderate unethical content in accordance with national laws and ethical limits, but the response of these companies was not satisfactory.

According to the PTA  decided to immediately shut down Bigo and issue a final notice to Tik Tok so that these companies could launch their social media applications. Develop a comprehensive approach to controlling pornography and immoral content.

Earlier this month, the PTA temporarily shut down the online game player in Non-Battle Grounds (PUBG).

At the time, the PTA said in a statement that the authority had received various complaints about the game, saying it was addictive, a waste of time and a serious negative impact on children's mental and physical health. Causes effects. However, various petitions have been filed against the ban so far.

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