Sony's Air Conditioner that you can wear around

Summer has begun and the sun's rays seem to be ready to cook us, especially when hot winds make people sick faster

And breaking the heat is considered an air conditioner, but buying it and installing it in small homes is not an easy task.

But would you like to buy an AC that you can wear around?

Sony last year developed a prototype wearable air conditioner that could be pocketed while wearing a special T-shirt to use it.

It is the world's first AC that you can wear and is now available to the general public, but currently only those living in Japan will be able to buy it.

You can't actually wear an AC called Raven Pocket, but it will be attached to the inside of the garment.

An AC called Raven Pocket will be placed in the pocket between the neck and waist of this special T-shirt and this silent device will stay on the neck and emit thermoelectric cooling.

If the weather is hot, this AC will raise your body temperature to 13 degrees, while in cold weather it will raise your body temperature to 8 degrees.

This device absorbs or releases heat and gives a feeling of cold and heat, meaning it is both a wearable AC and a heater at the same time.

However, this AC does not work for a long time but works for 2 hours on a single charge which the company thinks will be enough for daily commute ie from home to office and from home to home.

The device can be charged with a USB cable while it can be controlled via an Android or iOS app to discharge cold or hot.

The device was originally designed for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but has now been put on sale by Sony pending next year.

It is priced at 12,000 Japanese Yen ($112), while special clothing to wear will be available for 1,800 yen ($168)

As mentioned above, it is currently available in Japan and the company has not yet made any announcements regarding other countries.

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