Samsung's unique device that eliminates phone charges and germs

Photo courtesy of Samsung

Medical experts have discovered that a smartphone can carry more germs than a toilet, and that the corona virus can stay on the device for a long time

This means that the device, which is in constant use, can also be infected with the corona virus, especially if care is not taken to keep it clean.

A portable device that sterilizes them from UV radiation & charges phones as well as .

In fact, in addition to phones, smart watches, earphones and glasses can also be disinfected.

UV sterilizer can kill 99% of germs in 10 minutes, but it is not clear whether the device is capable of killing the new Corona virus.
Photo courtesy of Samsung

Large device's fit in this device.

According to Samsung, as far as charging is concerned, it comes with a Chi virus equipped charger with 10 watts output.

While the device shuts off automatically when the lid is opened.

Samsung has offered the device for sale in Thailand at a price of 1590 Thai baht (over $51 USD).

However, the company has not yet made any announcement regarding its introduction in other countries.

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