Is your phone charging slow? The Easiest Solution's We Have... Just Follow the Steps

Most people nowadays use smartphones but the biggest problem for them is often charging

In fact, most phones seem to be taking longer than usual to charge after a while.

And this is not what you imagined. In fact, it does take time for the battery to fully charge.

There are a number of reasons that can slow down the charging speed of an Android or iPhone, but the most common are easy to overcome.

Charging cable problem

The weakest link in the phone's charging system is the cable from which it is charged.

It is possible that the charging cable appears to be fine and no damage is visible, but USB cables are often damaged internally, affecting their ability to transmit current.

If you think the phone is charging slowly, the easiest solution to this problem is to replace the charging cable.

Prefer plug-out instead of computer

For faster charging, it is best to plug the power adapter into the phone and charge it.

Compared to today's ports, chargers that come with today's phones do not provide less than 12 watts of current, which is about 5 times faster than a computer.

Weak power adapter

Not all power adapters are the same.

In recent years, adapters have been made more powerful with phones that provide 20 watts or more of current, which reduces charging time.

In fact, newer power adapters can be used for older phones, speeding up their charging process.

Simply put, replace the old adapters with new ones to get the best charging results.

Charging difficulties for the phone

Your phone charges faster when it is turned off completely. If it is turned on, the charger's energy is divided into different parts, so that it can provide background tasks and energy to run the phone. ۔

If you can't turn off the phone, at least avoid using it while charging.

Charging port problem

This is less likely, but it does happen, meaning that the phone's charging port may have been littered or damaged.

Make sure the port is free of dirt or debris, and clean it with a toothpick if necessary.

Do not leave the charge on for too long

Leaving the phone on the charger overnight even after it's fully charged is actually devastating to the battery on a long-term basis.

When our smartphone is 100 percent charged and still connected to the charger, the stress on the battery increases, or let's say it gets under a lot of stress, which affects its life.

So when the battery is fully charged, remove it from the charger, 

It's like relaxing the muscles after a hard workout, imagine for yourself what would happen if you exercised for several hours straight?

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