Facebook's new feature to help protect against the Corona virus

Photos courtesy of Facebook

The number of new corona virus cases around the world is growing rather than decreasing, and in view of this, Facebook and Instagram have announced the introduction of a new feature to protect their users, which allows people to wear face masks. Encourage wearing.

Facebook said in a statement this week that it would remind people at the top of the feed of both social media apps that covering the face helps protect against the corona virus.

"Cover your face and nose with a cloth mask in public places outside the home," the statement said.

Interestingly, the use of face masks is being emphasized in the United States, but it has become a topic of political debate there, with conservatives opposing it while Democrats support it.

On this occasion, Facebook, through its new feature, has supported doctors and medical experts in this debate who are emphasizing the use of face masks.

Recent medical research reports have suggested that face masks may be helpful in the spread of the corona virus.

An analysis of 172 research reports from the World Health Organization's fund was published in the journal Lancet, which said that wearing a face mask reduces the risk of contracting the corona virus.

"Our findings suggest that the use of face masks may provide greater protection in large crowds and in medical facilities," 

said Holger Schickman, an epidemiologist at McMaster University in Canada.

Asian countries, such as South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam, had high rates of use of face masks at the onset of the epidemic and were able to keep their economies afloat and more successful in crushing the virus.

The researchers said that the use of face masks made of cloth could be effective among the people, which not only risked the spread of the virus by the infected person, but also healthy people could avoid the virus.

"its good to use masks home-made," he said.

Encourage the use of face masks by technology companies, while social media companies have launched a more aggressive campaign in March and April to limit confinement to homes.

Medical experts have praised Facebook's new feature, saying they wonder why the company hasn't done it before.

Facebook says its decision to encourage the use of face masks has nothing to do with the recent praise of the US president.

The company said the decision was made based on messages from public health and our partners.

The statement said that its use of face masks has been promoted since early May through a page dedicated to COVID-19.

This new feature was first introduced in the United States and will soon be available to users in other countries as well.

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