Introducing the only Galaxy Z Flip 5G phone from Samsung

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone earlier this year, but now the updated model is being offered with a much better processor and 5G support.

The South Korean company is introducing the Galaxy Z Philip 5G on August 7, which may be available for $1,450, while the first version was priced at $1,380.

The phone is powered by Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and according to the company , mobile gaming performance is quicker than before while 5G support is additionally being provided.

865 Plus processor delivers 10% faster graphics performance, compared to the processor within the old Galaxy Z Flip.

The new flip phone are getting to be available in 2 colors, mastic gray and mastic brown, and according to Samsung, there will be some changes within the flex mode of the phone, which may make it easier to watch YouTube and use the camera from different angles.

In February company introduced the Galaxy Z Flip  with the Galaxy S20, the company's second foldable phone after the Galaxy Fold.

This is the most recent version of the 90's flip phones that was introduced 2 months after the updated version of Motorola's Razor flip phone.

Unlike the Galaxy Fold and Razor, the Z-Flip features a versatile glass screen, while the rest of the devices use plastic screens.

Before the scheduled event on August 5, Company announced the Galaxy Z Philip 5G , which may feature five new devices, according to TM Rowe, president of the company's mobile communications business.

One of these devices are getting to be the Galaxy Note 20, which may be equipped with the quality stylus.

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