Introducing another useful feature for users in Instagram

Photo courtesy of Instagram

Instagram has given its users more control over comments on photos and videos.

Testing of the comments pint feature for this purpose was launched in May this year with comment filtering tools and has now been introduced to all users.

This feature is very straightforward. When you swipe over a comment, you will see a pin option with reply, report and delete.

When you pin a comment at the top of a section, it means that you are highlighting it and will help move other people's conversations in the right direction.

This is a useful update for a section that works under an algorithm and will help prevent abusive comments from people.

Instagram has already introduced a number of features to protect users from online bullying and intimidation.

For example, a feature on Instagram warns users when a social media site finds the caption of a photo or video post objectionable.

The purpose of this feature is to give users the opportunity to post their writing with care so that they do not fall prey to other people.

Similarly, a feature warns against the choice of words in comments.

That feature doesn't stop people from making negative comments, but it does tell you to think twice before posting it.

On a negative comment, the user gets the phrase 'Do you want to post it? We are asking people to reconsider their comments because such comments are being reported.

The company said that the results of this feature were very encouraging.

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