Consider not giving Samsung a free charger with the phone

Photo courtesy of Samsung 

Over the past few years, many companies have stopped offering various items such as earphones or headphone dongles with their new smartphones, but now it is heard that they have also decided to take out the phone charger in the box.

A few days ago, it was reported that Apple has started considering not giving free charger in iPhone 12 and consumers will have to buy it separately.

Now, according to Korean site ET News, Samsung plans to do the same next year.

According to the report, removing the charger from the phone box will help the company reduce the rising costs of 5G technology.

Companies believe that people already have a number of functional chargers in their homes, especially USBBC and Lightning Cables.

It is not clear how much savings Samsung and Apple will get by removing the chargers from the phone boxes, but the phone boxes will definitely get smaller.

Experts believe that such environmental pollution will be reduced to some extent as the number of chargers that people throw in their homes will be reduced.

But most consumers will not like this move because the companies will charge them separately for the charger.

Companies' own chargers are quite expensive and as a result consumers often prefer low cost alternatives.

However, their poor quality affects the charging of the phone and there is a risk of damage to the phone.

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