Japan Builds World's Most Powerful Supercomputer

Japan's state-run research institute Raikan Laboratory, in collaboration with private technology company Fujitsu, has developed the world's most powerful supercomputer, Fugaku, which is worth 15 415 billion in just one second. Can do calculations. In more technical terms, Fugaku's speed is "415 peta flops."

Until then, Smith had the distinction of being the world's fastest supercomputer, developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the United States and calculated at a speed of 148 p-ta flops. Thus, in the field of velocity, the speed of "Fugaku" is 2.8 times faster than that of Summit.

But Fugaku's superiority doesn't just end there, it is also the world's first fastest supercomputer with 158,976 CPUs with "ARM architecture" used simultaneously.

It should be noted that microprocessors based on ARM architecture are being used more and more in modern manual electronic devices such as smartphones, smart watches and tablet PCs as they are shorter and consume less energy.

Supercomputers have been developed in the past with the help of CPMs with ARM architecture, but they were not very powerful. In this sense, it is the first time that the world's fastest supercomputer has been developed with the technology of "smartphone processor".

Other reports suggest that the supercomputer was used to find a vaccine for the corona virus before Fugaku was announced.

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