Google decides to delete user-collected information after a certain period of time

Google is making changes to its default settings after which the data collected by users will be automatically deleted after a special help

According to the foreign news agency, after these changes, the search and pages on the website, location data, etc. will be deleted after 18 months. In addition, YouTube history, viewed clips and their duration information will be deleted in 36 months. These changes will apply to new accounts while existing users will be notified of the changes.

The announcement comes in the wake of data collection efforts by Google and other major companies and steps taken to ensure data security.

It should be noted that Google had earlier introduced the method of auto-delete in May 2019 to force users to delete usage records or logs, but at that time it was left to the user's choice. Google uses this information to suggest search and ads to the user.

Google says it wants to keep YouTube's record longer than other Internet activities because it helps it tailor videos. Automatic deletion of activity information will not apply to Google Photos, Gmail and Drive cloud storage. This information will also not be used for advertising.

Google has justified its decision not to delete old users' information because they may want to keep them safe, so Google will not delete data without their permission. Every user will be provided the facility to delete the previous information every three months from now on.

Jim Callack, executive director of the Open Rights Group, an organization that works to protect the rights of consumers on the Internet, says that many people have serious concerns about the amount of information Google has about its users. It should seek the consent of users to keep a record of its activities on the Internet and its duration, and to make clear indications for it, not just a speedy notification.
Irresponsibility of technology companies

According to the Wall Street Journal, the US Department of Justice has summoned the Attorney General this week for advice on how to deal with Google's non-competitive behavior. This includes allegations that Google is taking unfair advantage of its search for information. Earlier on Tuesday, a German court banned Facebook from collecting information on a citizen's complaint.

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