Ban on Chinese Apps | 'Kettle hotter than tea'

A video clip of Indian television host Arnab Goswami has gone viral in which he became emotional while reporting on the issue of ban on Chinese mobile applications in India.

Social media users mocked and criticized the TV host for portraying the issue as a war situation, while others called it a comedy show.

When ex-servicemen joined the usual comments against the Indian anchor, they also expressed their displeasure.

A self-proclaimed soldier, R Bhadori, shared a video clip of Arnab Goswami, addressing the Indian anchor as Field Marshal and Rear Admiral, saying he was detailing a surgical strike against China.

Wing Commander (R) Geetika Handel wrote in a comment on the video clip,
Even Hindi TV serial actors can't do so much drama.

A handle named Sahana shared a video clip with the caption 'Tea pot is hotter than tea' and also embellished the hashtag 'Digital Strike' in her tweet.

When Vijay Kumar made Arnab Goswami's style his subject, he likened the TV host to comedians.

When Swati Chaturvedi came up with a similar impression, she asked, "Is this a new comedy show by Arnab?"

When Pooja became a part of the external conversation, he confessed that he had never seen the show but did not know whether to laugh or feel embarrassed after seeing such clippings on social media.

The 'Boycott China' campaign has been going on in India since Indian soldiers were killed in a clash with Chinese troops in Ladakh.
Meanwhile, it was announced yesterday that dozens of other Chinese mobile applications, including Tik Tak, have been banned. While some of those who discussed the move praised it, there were others who questioned its effectiveness.

Writer and columnist Tuleen Singh wrote, "Now that Chinese applications have been banned, will Chinese troops leave our area out of fear?"

Handle, Skin Doctor, explained the reason for the ban on the applications, saying, "Chinese apps were not banned because of the Galvan Valley incident, but after recent reports that the apps were targeted at the public and military figures.

By gaining access to data, they are becoming a threat to national security.

The situation after the ban on apps and possible actions also became a topic. A few months ago, a user named Sajita Singh mentioned a donation of Rs 30 crore to the Indian Prime Minister's Fund by Tik Tok and wrote, 

Will the Prime Minister return this money now?

Anchor Arnab Goswami, who has been the subject of occasional satire, criticism and humor on social media due to his style and themes, is considered a supporter of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party, the BJP.

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