The latest "iOS 14" Operating System

Apple Corps last week announced at its online developers conference the latest operating system "iOS 14" which will be an integral part of the new iPhone, MacBook and iPad.

In this new operating system iOS 14, where the home screen has been changed, an instant translation app has also been added.

The iOS 14 operating system has been tested to a limited extent so far, which will be part of the new iPhone in a few months, which is expected to arrive in September or October

The app uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques for fast and accurate translation of conversations.

In order to make navigation easier and faster, it has introduced "Application Library" on the home screen in which all the apps will be displayed on the same page while they will not take up space on the home screen.

In addition, using advanced technology called "app clips", some apps can be used without having to download / install, with limited features, including low-cost payments.

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