WhatsApp Will Allow To Hide The Phone Number In Group Chats

The new version will allow you to configure privacy and stop showing the information.

The most widely used messaging application in the world is always growing, adding more and more features aimed at improving interaction with users and protecting their privacy. It is undeniable that, on many occasions, these new tools that the app owned by Meta is implementing already exist in other messaging applications such as Telegram, so it is not unreasonable to think that on many occasions this can serve as a reference.

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As it happened with the option of being able to play audio, stickers or GIFs at a higher speed. Currently, WhatsApp accounts are based on the user's phone number, this being in theory the reason that there are privacy options regarding the profile picture (being able to hide everyone, everyone except the contacts of the address book, just some contacts or no one) and the same does not happen with the phone number. At first glance, this may not seem like a problem, since in order to be able to contact another person via WhatsApp, you need their phone number. However, this rule fails in the realm of WhatsApp groups. A user can create a group of up to 512 participants who do not have to know each other or be added. In this circumstance, any user belonging to the group can know the mobile phone of the rest of the participants.

It is true that WhatsApp has already begun to develop different tools aimed at this scenario, such as the possibility of creating groups within groups in the concept of Communities, to make virtual agglomerations more manageable. However, it didn't seem to have been geared towards privacy, until now. According to WABetaInfo, the app owned by Zuckerberg, one of the tools under development that will soon reach users of the beta version and later to the whole world is the option to hide the phone number from the participants of the groups and Communities.

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This option will be available to the administrators of the Community and will be disabled by default, that is, by default the phones of the participants will remain hidden from the rest of the group. This is very good news that will avoid inconveniences such as unknown users taking advantage of being in large groups to open conversations with malicious intent. Having access to hundreds of numbers of unknown users to contact for a pyramid scheme or similar.

The new type of group chat Communities, which according to the same portal, is also prepared for the arrival of the Desktop version of WhatsApp, is oriented to be the new groups of parents of a school or neighbors of a neighborhood. In order to share the most important general updates and in turn divide the community into small groups separated by class, courses or themes.

In this new type of group chat, users will be able to determine who has the option to invite them to participate in a community, an option that already exists for group chats. Administrators will also have tools to report abusive content, block accounts or leave the communities themselves. It should be noted that these Communities will be private, so it will not be possible to search or discover new communities if you have not been invited. From Meta they reported that these new functions will gradually reach all WhatsApp users.

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