The Galaxy Watch 5 And Watch 5 Pro Know Your Temperature

Samsung's new smartwatches expand health and fitness features and improve sleep tracking.

Samsung's Galaxy family catalog doesn't just have phones. For years, the Korean company has also been manufacturing smart watches that serve as a complement to its most famous devices. Today it adds two new proposals, the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, two watches with health and well-being as the axis that boast more and better sensors.

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The two have similar features but the Watch 5 Pro is more durable and is adapted to monitor activities such as hiking, cycling and other active sports thanks to more resistant materials. The Watch 5, on the other hand, is presented as a more elegant model to wear every day. They all have interchangeable straps and round faces, just like a conventional watch. At the heart of these watches, like the Galaxy Watch 4 launched last year, is a unique sensor that combines three forms of measurement: an optical heart rate sensor, an electrical sensor, and the ability to perform heart rate analysis. electrical bioimpedance with which to obtain an electrocardiogram or approximate blood pressure.

With a larger surface area and more direct contact with the wrist, Galaxy Watch 5 now measures these health indicators more accurately than Galaxy Watch 4. The watches, in addition, now also have a temperature sensor that takes into account the ambient temperature when taking samples. Samsung has created new applications and expanded existing ones to better track sports activities. It offers a personalized program to define goals, guide the user during their personal training and monitor their progress . It also offers recovery data, such as heart rate after a hard workout, and personalized water recommendations based on sweat.

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The watches also now measure sleep more accurately, with scores that track sleep stages, snore detection, and blood oxygen measurement to detect apneas. It also includes a training program to teach the user relaxation techniques and improve rest. They have more autonomy. The Galaxy Watch 5 includes a 13% larger battery than the Watch 4 and provides eight hours of sleep tracking with just an eight-minute charge. In the case of the Watch 5 Pro, this battery is even bigger, 60% more than that of the Watch 4. The sapphire screen is also 60% more robust.

The Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be available for pre-order in select markets starting August 10, and available in stores starting August 26. The first will be available in 40mm sphere size. and 44 mm., the second has a 45 mm case. diameter. With the different colors available and the straps it is possible to make more than 1,032 final combinations.

Prices start at 299 euros for the Galaxy Watch 5 in the Bluetooth version (349 euros with LTE connection) and 469 euros in the Bluetooth version (519 euros with LTE connection) in the case of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

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