iPhone to Android Data Transfer App Coming to All Android 12 Devices

Contacts, calendar, photography and videos can be passed.

The 'Switch to Android' app, which allows you to transfer data from an iPhone to a new Android phone, is now compatible with all Android 12 devices. Google launched this application a few months ago, when it was presented as a wireless data transfer system that allows sending contacts, calendar events, photos and videos saved on an iPhone to a mobile phone with an operating system other than iOS.

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This application, developed by Google LLC and since then available on the App Store for free download, only allowed data to be migrated from an iPhone to a Google Pixel mobile. However, the company has announced that support for this service is already rolling out to all phones running Android 12.

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Google has recalled that this transfer of information and files to the Android phone, in addition to wirelessly, can also be done with the iPhone cable.

Likewise, it has indicated that, in the event that users wish to use native services developed by Apple, such as FaceTime, they can do so through the latest version of their browser, Google Chrome.

The same goes for Apple Music, an application also available on the Play Store. Once you have logged in, you will be able to access the purchases and downloaded content section from your new Android phone.

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