Hyperice Normatec, Boots To Lighten The Legs

The popularization of pressotherapy offers a good tool for the most advanced athletes, those who train every day and face demanding challenges.

The world of sports recovery is experiencing a boom that moves it further and further away from the days of ice and massages. In recent times, percussion guns or vibration rollers and balls have been joined by a gadget called to be the star of the sector: pressotherapy boots. One of them is the Normatec offered by the Hyperice brand, a collaborator of athletes such as the soccer player Erling Haaland, the tennis player Naomi Osaka or the NBA player Ja Morant.

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Using these boots is very simple: you put them on sitting on the sofa, zip up the zippers, turn on the control unit and, when you press 'on', they swell to progressively tighten the muscles. From the quadriceps to the feet. So several times, from 10 minutes to 50 minutes, the time you want. The objective is not to relax the muscles as in a massage; is to release the toxins that accumulate with intense effort, with a track race or an ultra-distance test, to return to training at 100% as soon as possible.

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Pressotherapy was invented in the 70s in the United States to help people with circulatory system disorders and to treat edema and little by little, decade by decade, new uses were found for it, such as cellulite elimination. In recent years it has become popular among athletes of various specialties for lymphatic drainage. Although no product is miraculous on its own and continues to require stretches and massages, the results of these boots are evident.

The seven intensity levels help those who are more charged -in general, at level six or seven is when the effect of pressotherapy is most noticeable-, the control unit lasts three or four sessions without charging and the noise it generates does not it's not annoying at all.

With a price of 999 euros in its version 3.0, about to hit the market, it is a good product for the most advanced athletes. Perhaps someone who only runs or bikes sporadically will never get to use it, but for those who train every day, who seek high challenges, it is a magnificent tool.

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