Espionage: Evidence Of Spy Software On The Phones Of Senior EU Officials

The EU Commission has found evidence that their officials' phones have been spied on. Whether it is the Israeli software Pegasus is not confirmed.

The EU Commission has found evidence of spy software on the phones of senior EU officials. According to a letter from the EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders, which is available to the AFP news agency, it is not certain whether this is the Israeli software Pegasus. The Commissioner's letter to Dutch MEP Sophie in 't Veld, who is a member of the responsible investigative committee of the European Parliament, says: "The examination of several devices has revealed indications of spy software."

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An internal investigation did not confirm "that Pegasus infected private or company phones," says Reynders' response to a request from the investigative commission. The EU Commissioner also mentions that in November 2021 he received a tip from Apple that his phone might be spied on by Pegasus. Other employees of the Commission were also warned. The Commission's investigations are ongoing.

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The investigative committee was set up after the Canadian organization Citizen Lab found that more than 60 Catalan pro-independence supporters had been spied on using Pegasus. The Spanish secret service later confessed to it.

Poland and Hungary are also suspected of using the software that can turn on phones' cameras and microphones and collect data. When asked by the committee of inquiry, both countries replied that the issues involved were national security.

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