Do You Have An Outdated PC? Google Has Released An Operating System To Resurrect It

It's called ChromeOS Flex, it's free, and it turns any old PC or Mac into something like a modern Chromebook.

What can be done with a computer from 12 years ago? Rather little. Most of these machines can no longer be upgraded to the latest versions of their operating systems, are no longer supported by the manufacturers, and no longer receive security patches. Google, however, has created an operating system to "revive" them. It's called ChromeOS Flex, it's free, and it turns any old PC or Mac into something akin to a modern Chromebook.

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Flex, like the ChromeOS of Chromebook computers -popular in schools and some businesses-, is an operating system based on Linux but focused above all on providing a modern web browsing experience and with Google tools and services, such as Google Drive, Gmail, and even access to some Android apps. All user information is stored in the cloud, so it is very easy to change machines. When registering on the new computer with the username and password, the computer is configured exactly the same as it was left in the last session on another machine.

Flex operates in a similar way, although with some limitations. Being designed to work on any type of computer, even some with more than a decade behind them, it does not include some of the security features of ChromeOS, such as the verified loading process or support for TPM (Trusted Platform Module), a component that helps keep data encryption secure.

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Still, it's a much easier alternative to install and manage than other operating systems that run on older PCs, like some Linux distributions. Flex also includes regular security updates and also some tools to be able to deploy it in fleets of equipment within companies.

It is also very efficient, consuming 19% less than other comparable operating systems, according to Google, which can translate into greater autonomy, even in laptops with an old battery.

As you can imagine, there are no huge system requirements to use ChromeOS Flex. Google only requires a chip compatible with 64-bit architecture and about 16 Gb available on the hard drive. It works on the vast majority of PCs and Macs with Intel or AMD processors launched from 2010 onwards, but Google has certified almost 300 specific models, in which it can ensure not only that the operating system works, but also how long these machines will be supported.

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