Blackout Challenge: The TikTok Challenge That May Have Caused The Death Of Several Children

Two families have sued the social network for the viral challenge.

Social networks are full of viral challenges that are mostly harmless, but there are also other challenges that can cause health problems and even death.

One of these challenges, known as Blackout, involves holding your breath until you pass out. This activity is not new and the first cases of drowning emerged in 2008, but the spread of videos on platforms such as TikTok has increased the number of people who try to overcome the challenge. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention at least 82 people have died from the challenge. Among the dead are two girls whose families have filed a lawsuit against TikTok accusing the social network of having incited them to do the challenge by constantly showing the challenge on their daughters' timeline.

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Faced with the death of a minor, the TikTok spokeswoman has assured that the challenge predates the social network and that it has not become viral there. "We remain vigilant in our commitment to user safety and would immediately remove related content if found," the representative said.

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Although, TikTok has not responded to the demand it has received and has not commented on it. Despite the comments made by the social network, there was a label called Blackout Challenge that had more than a million views worldwide.

In the lawsuit of one of the parents they affirm that their daughter was found in her room hanging from a rope around her neck, while in the other case the minor was found in the basement.

These two cases are not the only ones and in Italy, the United States and Australia minors have also died in a similar way after watching videos of the challenge.

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