Twitter Works On A Subscription & WhatsApp Will Allow You To Recover Deleted Messages

The social network is developing a new function to include searched words.

Twitter is working on a new feature that allows its users to subscribe to the results of a specific search and receive notifications when 'tweets' are published about it.

The social network is developing a new function based on search results, which is called 'Search Subscribe' (Search Subscription), as advanced by the Android developer, Dylan Roussel. 'Search Subscribe' is represented as a bell next to the word entered in the search bar. The user will only have to click on it to activate the subscription.

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The new function allows the user to subscribe to a search and, subsequently, receive notifications of 'tweets' that include the word or words searched for at first. This feature is currently exclusive to the Alpha of the Twitter application, according to The Verge, and its launch date is still unknown among all users.

WhatsApp will allow you to recover deleted messages on Android mobiles

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will allow you to recover messages after they have been deleted so that they do not disappear permanently, which has been announced in the latest beta update for Android.

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Currently, the social network offers the possibility of deleting messages, through the options 'Delete for me' and 'Delete for everyone', in case you want to delete content for the rest of the users of a group chat. WhatsApp is now working on a functionality that would allow you to undo the deletion of a message, according to the latest update released through the Google Play Beta Program for Android.

This includes the 'Undo' button to restore deleted messages, which will only be present in this part of the interface for a few seconds.

This functionality could improve the user experience. This is because it is common for users to hit the wrong delete option 'Delete for me' and not be able to retrieve the message to delete it for everyone as it disappears from the chat automatically.

This feature is under development, so not yet accessible to beta testers, and its official release date is unknown.

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