Twitter Apparently Wants To Give In To Elon Musk's Requests For Information

According to a newspaper report, data on the number of false Twitter accounts will be presented shortly. Elon Musk tied the company takeover to it.

According to a media report, the board of directors of the short message service Twitter wants to agree to the demands of the tech entrepreneur Elon Musk for data disclosure. Twitter Musk will soon be sending detailed data that provides an overview of the number of false accounts in the short message service, the Washington Post reported, citing informed circles. Musk had made a $44 billion purchase offer for Twitter, but recently threatened to withdraw the offer.

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The reason is that Twitter "has committed a clear breach" of its "obligations under the merger agreement," Musk said earlier this week. The company actively resisted requests for information about fake accounts on the online network. He sees this as a clear violation of the obligations under his takeover bid.

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According to Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, less than 5 percent of accounts active on Twitter are bots. However, the methodology used by the platform for capturing these fake accounts is not appropriate, Musk said. He must carry out his "own analysis".

A data set with all tweets that have been analyzed in different ways is now to be made available to him. However, these contained no confidential information, it said. The lawyers involved did not want to confirm this. Musk initially did not comment on the alleged data exchange either.

According to its own statements, the group management of Twitter assumes that the shareholders will vote on the takeover by the beginning of August. This may happen as early as late July, Vijaya Gadde, the short message service's chief lawyer, told employees. Some experts see Musk's inquiries as a strategy to lower the takeover price or to get out of the deal altogether. Since his offer in April, the entrepreneur had repeatedly raised doubts with public statements as to whether he really wanted to make the purchase. Musk recently changed his funding plans for the short message service.

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