Fall Guys Returns: Free And On All Platforms

The Season 1 launch has new tests and they will be updated.

Fall Guys appeared in the lives of PlayStation Plus players in the summer of 2020. It was the perfect game after confinement at home: the tests were fun and brought with it wholesome entertainment.

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Little by little the game was staying in the background and we had to wait a few minutes to get to one hundred players. But Mediatonic has wanted to re-launch this particular Grand Prix and in order not to leave anyone behind, it has made it free and for all platforms. Anyone who has a PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or a computer at their disposal will be able to play from June 21 for free.


With the relaunch Fall Guys wants to start from scratch and for this the new seasons count from the beginning again. In the trailer for the first one you can see new tests such as a "hot potato", obstacle courses, trampolines, volleyball...

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Before this new version came out Fall Guys had 10,000 users and the creators hope that the number will increase considerably in the summer months. As evidence is gained, the user will be able to access new costumes, celebrations and gestures. When a Season Pass is unlocked, the next one will be available for free.

In addition to being available on all platforms, there is a new native version for PlayStation 5 with high-quality graphics. Mediatonic plans to update the game and is focused on creating a level editor.


In the first hours since the launch, the servers have gone down due to the number of users. This has unleashed memes on social networks.

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