Android Auto Stops Working And Its Replacement Is Not Compatible With All Phones

The news has come as a surprise since the technology company had not specified any specific date to eliminate this service and bet on the driving mode integrated into Google Maps as an alternative and unique service.

Android Auto was the chronicle of a death foretold. For a few months, several Android users claimed that Google Maps had disappeared from their vehicles after updating Android Auto to version 7.2. The purpose seems to be to remove this launcher from car screens, specifically it has already begun to notify users of Android 10 and Android 11 versions, having already been interrupted on Android 12 and higher devices.

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When Android Auto appeared in 2015, with its two versions, one for the car screen and the other to use from the mobile, it allowed users who did not have a screen vehicle to be able to use an interface adapted to driving, with the minimal possible distractions. Now the function of this application is limited to the synchronization of the mobile with the car, as long as it is compatible (and that it also has that addition). In other words, the Android Auto experience becomes exclusive to car screens.

The news has come as a surprise since the technology company had not specified any specific date to eliminate this service and bet on the driving mode integrated into Google Maps as an alternative and unique service. The problem is that this decision seriously harms users of older phones or those who live in regions where the replacement for Android Auto is not available.

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It is not the first time that companies seem to force their users to renew their devices if they wish to continue having the services they have been enjoying. If you have a car with a screen and it's also compatible with Android Auto, great, you'll be able to continue enjoying the interface as you knew it, only exclusively on the car's screen. However, if you have a car that is not compatible, this is where the complications begin.


Google Assistant offers a basic driving experience, without many more kinks. To use it, open Google Maps, select destination and press start navigation; but you will no longer have an icon or shortcut in the main menu of the mobile phone. The problem is that this driving mode is not available to all users.

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The Android Auto app worked flawlessly on all phones running Android 6.0 and up, that is, it ran flawlessly on mobile devices from a few years ago. However, the driving mode of Google Assistant only works on phones that have Android version 9.0 onwards, and it also requires a minimum of 4 GB of RAM, something that many low-end devices or devices from a couple of years ago do not meet. In addition to these problems, this substitute has regional limitations, that is, it is not available in all countries. Specifically, it works in Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain, the United States, France, India, Italy, Mexico or the United Kingdom. So thousands of users are left without Android Auto alternatives.

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In addition, Google Assistant still lacks some of the functions that Android Auto had, such as being able to use it horizontally, the apps will appear in a different order, thus forcing the user to familiarize himself with the interface for a while, and not all the apps compatible with Google Assistant appear. this way. Of course, the company seems to be working on Android Automotive as a substitute, an independent and complete operating system that does not depend on the mobile phone and runs directly in the vehicle. A software that is already being implemented in some cars like Polestar 2.

For all those users who do not have compatible cars, there are other alternatives. For example Waze, a community of drivers who share all kinds of information about traffic and driving on roads and cities. One of the most recommended features is Waze's ability to design a specific route to avoid traffic jams or the ability to set an alert to notify you when you exceed the speed limit.

Another app that can work as a replacement for Android Auto is Sygic Navigation. This app is capable of providing real-time traffic data using TomTom Traffic and parking space data. It works even if there is no internet connection, something that can happen on the road, it also includes high quality 3D maps. It even includes up-to-date information on fuel prices at service stations, radar and speeding warnings.

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