Specialized Media Warn That Russia Is Running Out Of Tanks

Media specializing in the war in Ukraine report that Russia is running out of tanks. This has been seen in the fact that Russia has begun to use Soviet models such as the T-62.

The war in Ukraine continues unabated. The latest information warns that Russia could achieve a great victory in the east of the country by crushing the Ukrainian resistance in the Donbass.

However, this is not only what is being discussed about the conflict at the military level. Many agree that the Russian Federation is being affected by losses in material, especially tanks. As is known, Russia has a large reserve of them, but it is recovering old glories from the Soviet era.

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In Ukraine, Russia has lost more than 600 armored cars, including many T-72s of Soviet origin. However, these cars had been improved in recent decades with the latest technology. Right now, and according to some experts, Russia is recovering models prior to this to put them into operation.

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These are the venerable T-62s of the 1960s. Which were designed to face NATO heavy tanks in the Cold War.

Despite these data, it is still curious that Russia uses this outdated material and not its new T-90, a state-of-the-art tank. Certainly it is certain that Putin will keep them in reserve as long as they are not needed, especially if the conflict starts to escalate further and he needs their services (hopefully not).

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