Sony Plans To Expand Half Of Its Games To PC And Mobile Devices By 2025

The Japanese company plans to make large-scale launches, beyond consoles, in the short term.

The presence of PlayStation video games on platforms such as PCs and mobile phones is increasing, and it is expected that at least half of their IP will reach them by 2025, according to Sony forecasts.

The Japanese manufacturer has exposed this Thursday in an informative session the pillars that support the growth of its segment of games and network services, with the PlayStation 4 and 5 video game consoles at the center of its business; new growth vectors based on services such as PlayStation Plus, the generation of its virtual reality headset and the expansion of its own titles to more audiences.

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The company plans to make large-scale releases, beyond consoles, in the short term. This is included in the company's plans for the end of fiscal year 2022 and 2025, which are put into perspective with respect to the results obtained in 2019. While in 2019 90 percent of the catalog of own games went to PS4 and the remaining 10 percent to PC, the data for 2022 shows that the launches for PS4 converge with those of PS5 (40%), although at the same time new console reaches around 35 percent of video game production exclusively.

This data also shows the growth in 2022 of games for PC and mobile devices, which account for around 20 and 10 percent, respectively. Looking ahead to 2025, according to Sony's forecasts, 50 percent of its 'portfolio' will be destined for the PS5 console, around 30 percent for PC and the rest, 20 percent, for mobile devices. This would indicate that PS4 releases would be phased out by 2025.

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The president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, has insisted that the company's future plans go "beyond the console" to extend to more platforms. These, in addition to PCs and mobiles, are virtual reality (VR) devices, cloud services and the metaverse. Thanks to this, the Japanese manufacturer hopes to offer better experiences, through the subscription service PS Plus, Discord and PlayStation Direct.

"By expanding to PC, mobile devices [...] and live services, we have the opportunity to go from being present in a very narrow segment of the general game 'software' market, to being present practically everywhere", the manager commented during the presentation in statements collected by Video Games Chronicle. Ryan later indicated that investment in PC and smartphone games could lead Sony to experience "significant growth in the number of users" who play, enjoy and pay for its titles.

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Likewise, in the presentation it has also been pointed out that the exponential growth of its income will be maintained thanks to the latest releases for PC, such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone and God Of War. With this, he has indicated that in the short term future, he hopes to create an IP co-development team with industry leaders, extend his franchises to more players and regions, and acquire greater credibility and visibility.

In addition, it has indicated that its growth plans include the establishment of a network of studies and internal projects for the creation of new mobile-focused experiences and focus on cross-platform expansion.


It's worth remembering that Ryan himself noted in an interview with GQ earlier this year that Sony was opting to bring PlayStation IPs to a broader audience, a portability to PC that would feel "pretty easy."

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Then, he also assured that PlayStation planned to bring "a complete list" of video games from the console to PC and, months later, announced the purchase of a study specialized in optimizing titles for these teams, Nixxes Software.

A few months ago, Ryan also reported what the company's plans were for bringing video games to mobile devices. Thus, he indicated that he intended to take part of his IP to mobiles.

"Mobile technology is just one of the areas we are exploring to reach millions of gamers beyond our platforms," ​​he said at the close of his business year in March.

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