Is It The End Of Cryptocurrencies After The Falls Of This Last Week?

The drops in value in cryptocurrencies have caused an avalanche of reactions in the network. Some cryptocurrencies have lost a third of their value in just a week and a half.

The value of cryptocurrencies and NFTs has plummeted in recent weeks. These digital assets had reached a fairly high market value months ago, in 2021. However, since there have been statements against them and some countries, such as China, have banned their use, the value of these have become very unstable for users who invest in them. Since that peak, its value has continued to be very unbalanced and descending.

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A few weeks ago its value began to plummet and there has been no kind of brake. This has caused a chain reaction among investors. Comparisons with the famous 'Crack of 1929' are apt, as many have chosen to cash out their assets before things got worse. This domino effect has caused the value to plummet faster. Bitcoin is currently worth $27,000 (approximately). NFT's have lost all their value, in some cases up to 99% of it.

Does this mean the end of crypto assets? It may be the beginning of the end. In the case of NFTs, it seems real that the phenomenon has reached its final chapter. Since they are no longer worth anything. Cryptocurrencies follow a similar path. Many people have lost all their savings after these crashes.

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