UK Wants To Build A Solar Plant The Size Of 65 Football Fields

The council of Council of South Norfolk has met to discuss the construction of this solar plant. It would be the size of 65 football fields and would produce electricity for 12,500 homes.

A large solar plant, the size of about 65 football fields, could power 12,500 homes. Plans for the plant have been submitted to the South Norfolk Council for farmland near Colton, west of Norwich.

Developer Pathfinder Clean Energy stated that its solar plant would be built on land that the owner reported was difficult to farm.

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Concerns have been raised about a potential fire hazard, sun glare, and the site being too visible. Pathfinder claimed its 130-acre (52-hectare) solar farm could power the equivalent of 12,498 homes, reducing annual CO2 emissions by more than 9,033 tons, the Local Democracy Reporting Service said.

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It was also reported that the power generated would also be used to power the Food Enterprise Park, a 46-acre (18-hectare) development site near Easton used by a variety of businesses for food production. One of the projects in the park is a £25m vertical farm, which grows salads and herbs for supermarkets.

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