These Are The Reasons Why You Have Been Charging Your Mobile Phone Badly All This Time

We make many mistakes that we are unaware of when charging our phones. For example, the voltage or choice of charger.

The number of mobile phones in our lives has multiplied since they burst onto the market more than twenty years ago. This means that we all have a mobile phone, but yes, not all of us know how to use it really well.

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First of all, it is to choose a good charger, it is becoming more and more difficult for brands to include chargers in their boxes. In fact, since Apple started this trend, more and more brands do not include a charger. For this reason, it is important that we choose the appropriate charger, with an output voltage of 5V always and also look at the amperage that the load can support. 

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The more amperage, the faster it will charge, meaning that phones (which have increasingly larger batteries) can be recharged at a snail's pace if we don't make the right purchase.

Once we have our charger, it is important to know that our phones work by charging cycles. Therefore, it is never recommended to charge them at 100% battery, since it will cause them to slowly lose their autonomy. It is recommended to charge it before it drops below 20% and keep the phone between that figure and 80%. With each complete charge cycle (from 1 to 100%) the battery deteriorates.

It is also not recommended that we are plugging and unplugging it often. On the contrary, this is very bad for the battery because it causes fluctuations in the battery.

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