Whatsapp: Soon You Will Be Able To Send Files Up To 2GB By Whatsapp

At the moment, the application is testing this improvement among users in USA, Canada, Latin American and European countries | The current limit is at 2GB.

WhatsApp has modified a limit on its platform to allow the sending of larger files and documents, up to 2GB, as part of a test started with users in few countries. 

The messaging application allows you to send files of up to 100MB  through chats, an insufficient limit in a context of remote work and distance relationships that sometimes requires greater freedom in sending documents.

Apple Removes The Ability 

It is precisely this demand made by users that WhatsApp is now trying to respond to, and for this  a test has begun in few countries, whereby the file size limit goes from 100MB to 2GB, as the company has confirmed.

The test has been activated for users from this American country, but the contacts to whom they send files of up to 2GB can be from anywhere in the world. They can access it from the Android and iOS apps and the web and desktop versions.

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