WhatsApp: The New WhatsApp Voice Calls

Interface displays sound waves in real time and allows new wallpaper customization options.

The WhatsApp messaging application has developed a new interface for voice calls that it is already testing among users of iOS and Android systems, and that shows sound waves in real time in group calls.

The app owned by Meta has published its latest beta for iOS mobiles,, which contains a new way to show users voice calls, as reported by WABetaInfo, although at the moment it is not an operational function or in the stable version of the service. This novelty had also arrived days before to the beta for Android.

With the new interface for voice calls, WhatsApp now shows group call participants through boxes in which each person is identified with their thumbnail profile picture and their name at the top of the box.

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The function brings other innovations with respect to the current design of group voice calls, such as the inclusion of a sound wave in each of the participants' frames.

These waves reproduce the sound from your microphone in real time and can help identify who is speaking. The sound wave has a design similar to the one that has been shown for a few months to users who send voice notes through messages.

WhatsApp's new interface adds a wallpaper for group voice calls. However, the feature under development does not yet allow users to change the background to a different one.

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