What Are The Bars Of Russian Tanks In Ukraine For?

The bars placed on the towers of the battle tanks are used as protection against grenades. Tanks are taking heavy casualties in Ukraine on both sides.

The Ukraine War, which began two weeks ago, has caused heavy casualties among Ukrainian and Russian military personnel. Apart from the death of thousands of soldiers, huge amounts of material such as cannons, armored vehicles and tanks have also been destroyed.

The latter, and in the case of Russia, were slightly modified before the start of the fighting by adding bars to the towers of the tanks . These should serve to protect against the impacts of grenades, rockets and missiles.

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Since the 1960s, offensive anti-tank weapons have only increased in strength and number. Currently, some experts already predict the end of the tank as it was known. The new missiles can destroy one of these vehicles, which cost millions, in a single hit and in seconds. For this reason, Russian military designers tried to minimize damage to their tanks by welding a grid on the tower and rear, a weak point of these tracked vehicles.

Since the war began, photos and videos show Russian tanks reinforced with all kinds of elements, from tree branches and wood to household objects. An indication that the casualties must be many and the fear of the real tankers. Javelin missiles and various RPG's are causing a lot of problems.

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